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Our Story

February 24, 2017

Hello, and welcome to our blog!


We wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know why we decided to start Something Borrowed!


My name is Brooke, and my husband's name is John-Michael. We met in July of 2015 at the Provo LDS temple. Long story short, we parked right next to each other in the parking lot, exchanged phone numbers, and got married exactly one year later (to the day.) 



I received my degree in vocal performance. I'm a formally trained opera singer, and I'm passionate about teaching voice lessons to aspiring young singers as well. You can find me directing or choreographing musicals, creating something in the kitchen, or binge-watching Netflix with my husband. 


John-Michael works as an accountant. I like it because, if I ever have trouble falling asleep, I can just ask him what he did at work that day. He is a talented song writer and loves playing guitar and writing new tunes. He loves playing Clash of Clans, but don't tell anybody. He is an awesome and supportive husband, and is always making me laugh with his charming quick wit.


Shows we've binge-watched include The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad. 


How did we get here?


Brooke's Perspective


I had always looked forward to wedding dress shopping, but found that my experience was excruciating. Every bride has to stick to a budget and, after facing some harsh realities, I realized I would have to compromise on what I wanted in order to stick to mine. I wished there were a way for me to afford the wedding dress of my dreams. 


After my wedding was over, the investment I made on my dress seemed fruitless. Why should such an expensive purchase sit in my  closet collecting dust? I was glad that I had my dress for sentimental reasons, but I wished I could do something with it in the meantime. I started noticing that many other women seemed to feel the same way. I saw a lot of women trying to either sell or rent their dress on KSL or Facebook; clearly there was a common desire to do something with their wedding dress after the wedding day was over. 


After talking with John-Michael, we recognized there was a simple, singular solution to both of these problems. We saw a way for past brides to do something useful and financially advantageous with their dress, but still keep it for its sentimental value for generations to come. We also saw a way for future brides to save money on the dress they truly wanted, a dress that they would feel beautiful and confident in on their wedding day. We decided to create Something Borrowed Bridal Rentals.


Once we decided to move forward, we did so quickly. We couldn't wait to get started solving these problems that suddenly seemed so blaring. 


We are currently, and ecstatically, building our inventory and would love to be a solution for you. While your dress is sitting in your closet, it could be making you money instead! Let your dress work for you, because now, it totally can.  



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